FAQ|Babysitter/nanny/housekeeping service in Tokyo/Osaka/Yokohama

1.About Babysitter/Nanny

Q1-1: What kind of babysitter / nanny is available?

A:Little Hug carefully selects babysitters based on our criteria. In addition, strict manner training and practical training are conducted until they reach the level that can be sent to customers. We are confident in the quality of our babysitters, so please leave it to Little Hug.

Q1-2: Is it possible to conduct interview with the babysitter?

A: Yes, it is possible. After the enrollment, you can choose an option to have an interview for the babysitting fee. You can also choose the option before enrollment to request a prearranged meeting with our coordinating staff, who can answer your questions regarding the babysitter and the service. Please let us know if you have any request.

Q1-3: Would it be possible for the same babysitter to come?

A: If the usage is once or twice / week, it is highly possibly to assign the same staff.
If the frequency of use is increased, depending on the availability of the babysitter, the recommended system is to assign two or three babysitters, the advantage of this system that you can receive childcare from various viewpoints.

Q1-4: Is it possible to change the babysitter?

A: Yes, it is possible. As it is a person-to-person relationship (especially with children), it may not always be compatible. In that case, please inform us about your preference.

Q1-5: Can the foreign babysitter speak Japanese?

A: In case of basic conversation, it is possible. We have babysitters, who cannot read or write in Japanese, therefore all staff writes the report in English.

Q1-6: What is the nationality of the babysitters?

A: We have staff from various nationalities such as: America, England, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Germany, France, Mexico, Vietnam and Philippines. At Little Hug a native staff checks each babysitter’s English level, we are emphasizing their English ability, personality and childcare skill over their nationality.

Q1-7: I am worried that my child cannot communicate well with the babysitter.

A: It may take a few sessions, until the child can communicate confidently with the babysitter. However, as our babysitter / nanny has an ability to communicate with children in a natural way and getting in touch with them happily. The children will be able to get used to the babysitter more and more with the time. In addition, actively interacting with foreigners leads to improvement in self-expression.

2.About Service

Q2-1: From which age of child do you support?

A: It is possible from about one week after birth. We can support housework (housekeeping) services even before birth and maternity leave, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q2-2: How many hours can I use the service?

A: Our service is available from 3 hours (in 30 minutes increments).

Q2-3: Which areas can I order the service?

A: Basically, it can be used in Kanagawa, Tokyo, some areas of Chiba and Saitama. Also, in Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo). We have received many inquiries, so please contact us by E-mail or telephone for further information or check our service area here.

Q2-4: Can I try the service?

A: Yes, it is possible. You can request some temporary sessions after enrollment. Before the enrollment, you may also offer a prearranged meeting with our coordinating staff, who can answer your questions regarding the babysitter and the service.

Q2-5: Can I request only pick-up? 

A: Yes, it is possible. Please tell us your request for and the babysitter / nanny will pick your child up at nursery schools, kindergartens and international schools. However, it is recommended to combine with childcare at home as our service is available from at least 3 hours. In addition, only Gold Plan members can use it as a monthly transportation service from a minimum of 2 hours usage.

Q2-6: Can you do sick-childcare?

A: It is possible to do only after-illness childcare in the recovery phase. Please submit a medical certificate of the clinic in advance, and let us know if you have been hospitalized or have a medical history. Please bear in mind that in some cases, foreign babysitters might not be available.

Q2-7: ASAP service request is possible? 

A: Yes, it is possible. In case of sudden orders, we will contact the vacant babysitter immediately after your request, but please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request. In addition, it may take the order fee.

Q2-8: Sudden time extension is possible? 

A: Yes, it is possible. Please bear in mind that it depends on the availability and schedule of the babysitter in charge. If the babysitter is not able to stay longer, we will contact you immediately, but please note that we may not be able to meet your request. In addition, it may take the order fee.

Q2-9: Could you give medication? 

A: Because giving medication (pill, tablets etc.) is considered a medical practice, Little Hug cannot take medication in principle. However, we may accept the request by submitting a medication request form only if it is absolutely necessary to take medication during childcare hours. With regard to suppositories, it cannot be accepted when used for the first time. Thank you very much for your understanding in advance.

Q2-10: Stay-over childcare is possible? 

A: Yes, it is possible, depending on the babysitter schedule, so please contact us if you have a request.

Q2-11: Can I request the service other place than home?

A: Yes, it is possible. If it is conducted in a safe and designated place such as nursery school, hotel room, wedding hall and park, where the provided one-on-one childcare is possible.

Q2-12: During childcare, can babysitter / nanny do housekeeping as well? 

A: As a matter of safety, in principle we do not do housework (housekeeping) at the same time as childcare. However, the following can be done if it is judged that child is in a safe position:
・Clean up after playing
・Serve of prepared meal
・Clean up after children’s meal
・Clean up of food spills and dirt
・Take in the laundry in case of sudden rain

Q2-13: What to do about the child’s meal during childcare?

A: For safety reasons, cooking during childcare cannot be performed by the babysitter, so basically, we are kindly requesting you to prepare it in advance. The babysitter can warm the children’s food by microwave oven and place it in to dishes. If you wish the babysitter to cook, you can do it as a housekeeping related work outside of the babysitting hours, but please inform us in advance if you have such a request. In addition, meals of the babysitter are unnecessary.

Q2-14: How to prepare for the day?

A: Babysitter / nanny will visit your home in prior. The babysitter will do the handover from you, so please tell us your request if needed. On the day, the staff in charge will ask you about the following.
・ Contact information of the day
・ Childcare schedule
・ Notes for children
・ Areas prohibited for entering
・ How to correspond to visitors during your presence / absence
・ Location and handover of keys

Q2-15: What kind of things can be within the newborn childcare?

A: Babysitters with a great experience in parenting will be happy to do bathing and housework support, as well as consultation on childcare. An optional fee is charged up to 4 weeks after birth.

Q2-16: What do you do in English babysitting?

A: Native or bilingual foreign babysitters use English to play with children. Rather than teaching English using teaching materials, emphasizing communication in English already in a small age will become great establishment for the future. In addition, the target of English babysitting is after 6 months after birth.

Q2-17: What kind of work is included in housekeeping? 

A: On behalf of our customers, we do daily housekeeping such as cleaning, shopping, cooking, laundry. In addition, we will use the cooking utensils, ingredients and cleaning utensils of your home when providing the service. Available service contents vary depending on the staff, so please consult in advance.

Q2-18: What do you do in educational sitting? 

A: We support students studying English and mathematics also piano and sports lessons, and practicing with materials. We provide a training with children to consider. As the field possible to support depends on the babysitters, so please consult us first.

Q2-19: Cancellation is free? 

A: It is free of charge if you can contact us before 18:00 o’clock 2 business days in prior.
The following fees will be incurred after that.
・ 2 business days after 18:00 to 1 business day before 18:00: 50% of the estimated service price
・1 business day from 18:00 o’clock: 100% of the estimated service price

Q2-20: Wondering about English or Japanese (or the other foreign language) conversation class?

A: This babysitting service is recommended because it offers the following benefits and helps your child stay in English.
・ You can learn English (or the other foreign language) naturally in a safe environment like your home.
・ Because it is not a group but one-to-one, English-language childcare suitable for children.
・ Parent and child can both participate in English.
・ There is a high flexibility when going out with the babysitter and enjoying cooking together and so on.

Q2-21: After enrollment by when I have to book the sitting?

A: We do not mind when you have a clear schedule and tell us your request, but we recommend early booking. It is more likely that we will be able to select a babysitter / nanny that suits your needs (reservations can be made a day or two before use as well). In addition, we will confirm the schedule for the next month on the 15th of every month.

3.About Price

Q3-1: Can I use the service without enrollment?

A: If there are a large number of non-members using this service, it will be difficult to arrange babysitters for our members. Therefore, before the enrollment we can conduct a prearranged meeting with our coordinating staff, who can answer your questions regarding the babysitter and the service.

Q3-2: How many days before do I need to enroll?

A: 5 days before the first day when you would like to start the service. In case of selecting the monthly plan, you can use it from the 1st of the month if we can confirm the transfer of the enrollment documents, and the enrollment fee, annual fee and the first month’s plan fee by the previous month 25th. If you would prefer, you can join from the middle of the month as well.

Q3-3: In my case how much would it be? 

A: First of all, please feel free to contact us. We will make a quotation based on your request.Please refer to the price page here.

Q3-4: How can I make payment? 

A: You can make payment for the enrollment fee, annual fee, and the first month’s plan fee by bank transfer, and then via automatic bank transfer after one or two months. Actual transportation expenses for babysitter and advance payment on the day of the babysitting (child snack etc.) will also be settled by the next month’s automatic bank transfer.

4.Unexpected Situation

Q4-1: What kind of response will you take if a child gets injured or becomes ill during childcare?

A: Our babysitter / nanny will contact you directly and take your child to the hospital based on your instruction. If we do not contact you, we will contact your pre-registered hospital or school and so on. We put the safety of the children first.

Q4-2: Please tell me more about the content of insurance.

A: We have a liability insurance in case of emergency. Compensation contents: Compensation per person is 100 million yen, 1 accident is up to 500 million yen, objective up to 5 million yen.

Q4-3: Please tell me more about the response to a natural disaster such as typhoon.

A: If transportation such as a train is completely stopped due to natural disasters such as a typhoon, heavy rain, earthquake, or heavy snow, the cancellation may be notified by judging the situation whether it will be possible to conduct the babysitting on the day.
There is no cancellation fee for cancellations due to the babysitter not being able to visit in the case. In addition, special make-up session (only for the monthly plan user) to the next month is enabled only when the cancellation occurred after each month 20th day.
However, please be aware that cancellation fees will be incurred if you cancel the scheduled session, despite the fact that the babysitter can visit on the day.


Q5-1: I am worried about requesting a babysitter.

A: Please consider installing a baby monitor (webcam) in order to check the situation of young children. Please contact us before installation in advance in order to protect a privacy of our babysitter. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation in order to create a pleasant relationship while asking for a babysitting.

Q5-2: Is it possible to issue the certificate for babysitting?

A: It is possible to issue a certificate for babysitting itself. In addition, please confirm that it will be issued based on the past results in our principle. Please use the babysitter service as it may add points for entering a nursery school.