Company Information

Name: Little Hug Co., Ltd.
President & CEO: Satoshi Nishi
Office: 30-14-201, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama 224-0032, Japan
Phone: 045-350-8293
Capital: ¥3,000,000
Related Bank: Mizuho Bank, Japan Post Bank, Yokohama Bank


“We would like to replace anxiety of parenting with happiness.”
I have heard from foreign parents and even our staff, who are doing parenting and child-rearing, that Japan is safe and great country, however, sometimes not easy and inconvenient to live in the view of medical, bank, job, mobile phone, and especially for childcare.
I found how difficult to juggle with childcare and work at the same time in here. 
On the other hands, taking care of children is originally happy and fulfilling so that we decided to organize this childcare support service to get rid of an anxiety and replace with happiness for all parents. That is our motivation to support families staying in Japan.
“Little Hug provides “valuable time” to clients.”
We also would like to provide great time with not only parents, but also for the children in a safe environment by professional babysitter and nanny.
We expect that meeting new people (babysitter/nanny) will affect children in a positive way and being more sensible and open-minded in the future.  
We are happy to have an opportunity to support families without any anxiety, and more than happy to be your partner through childcare.
President & CEO Satoshi Nishi

Apr. 2008 Graduated from Doshisha University Master Degree for Chemical Engineering, and Joined JGC Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2012 Engaged in work for oil and chemical plants in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Bahrain, France, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia etc. as senior process engineer
Oct. 2015 Established Little Hug Co., Ltd, to resolve the issue of childcare in Japan: Father of two