Little Hug Policy

​We provide “Valuable” Time to Clients

  • Infectious disease advice for all staff: 2020/2/25
    1) Strengthen your immune system
    Most important thing is to take care of your immune system. To strengthen it, we would recommend to sleep well (not awake too late), drink enough water and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

    2) Wash your hand frequently
    It is the best way to eliminate the virus. Please wash your hands especially for situations, such as before meals, once you come back from outside, after touching anything that a wide range of people use. Also please let the child wash their hands together with you when you come back home or having meals.

    3) Do not touch your face (eyes, nose and mouth)
    The virus can enter your body from your eyes, nose and mouth. To avoid that, we would recommend not to touch your face if possible. If you wear a mask, please do not touch the front of the mask as it may be contaminated.

    4) Cover your mouth and nose
    It is a kind of manner for people to cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue when coughing and sneezing, to prevent spreading the viruses if any. In the case please do not cover with your hands if possible. 

    5) Avoid congested place
    It is a higher chance to get the viruses if you are at congested places for a long time. It is better not to join such crowded events. If you are placed unavoidably, it is better to wear a mask and maintain a 1 meter distance. 

    Please check the short movie to learn more about how to wear and dispose a mask.


  • Health Management in Summer: 2019/7/19
    1) Keep yourself hydrated
    It is easy to get dehydrated in this season so that please keep in mind to drink enough water. We would recommend something less sugar, such as water, tea etc. because more sugar (coke etc.) let you decrease appetite.

    2) Skin care is also important
    It is better to wipe off the sweat frequently and keep clean. Also we would recommend you to wear a hat in a sunny day (not to expose your head and back of your neck to the sun).

    3) Adjust your room temperature
    A difference between inside and outside temperature put a burden on you without realizing. To adjust your room temperature (27-28 deg.C is recommendation) is very important to keep yourself healthy. 

  • Importance of considering “what makes children happy”: 2018/12/25
    I would like to introduce you about how much important we consider the children’s “valuable time” since the children always look forward to spending time with you, and that means you are more special for them than you expected.

    I believe that you always try to communicate with children (and also the parents) as much as possible, however, please remember to consider “what makes them happy” during each session. If it is the first time to meet the child, you may try to change playthings frequently and finally can find something what makes them happy. Since children are unique and what makes them fun depends on their ages, it is another good way to communicate with the parents how the children’s situation is for now.
  • Being Healthy: 2018/11/8
    To manage our own health conditions is one of our important tasks. We appreciate it if you could pay extra attention to this issue, especially during seasons. Doctor rarely catches a cold because they know what the most important is to avoid and how to be safe from illness. 1) Get Your Throat Moist
    Once your throat dries, any virus easily ingresses inside so that there is higher possibility to catch a cold. We would recommend to drink water frequently and make your room inside more moisture, especially the winter seasons get dry very much.2) Wash every corner of your Hands
    Washing hands using even only water gets high efficiency to get rid of virus. It is better to use a soap, but if not, take at least 30-60 seconds to rub your fingers. 3) Wear a Suitable Mask
    Wearing a suitable and fit mask is another good way to prevent virus from infecting. In addition, atmosphere in the train especially in the central of Tokyo area is bad so we would recommend to wear a mask even if you are fine. In addition, it is not rude to wear a mask if the children seem to have a cold on the day of babysitting (in this case it is better to explain the parents at the beginning or end of sessions).
    From the winter seasons, influenza or some infectious diseases will be going around so please take care of your health conditions as a professional babysitter.