Tips for Babysitting

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Tips for Babysitting

Phonics materials: 2021/05/25
Little Hug created phonics materials some months ago, and some clients may show you the books during sessions. Please kindly see the links and proceed like this when you have a chance. Those links guide you how to use the books.

Phonics Vol.1:

Phonics Vol.2:

Engaging siblings: 2021/01/26
Our main goal is English babysitting, but sometimes it might be challenging to propose activities which might be enjoyable for both siblings. Therefore, we would like to recommend the following activities which could be played by two children at the same time:

・Arts and crafts: you can give them small task what to draw. For example: let’s draw your own Zoo, or to play with simple origami.

・Building with blocks or with legos: even boys and girls likes to play with blocks and it is a good way to nurture their creativity

・Board games / cards: if the children are bit older, you can also try to play simple board games (Snakes and ladders) with them. Also making them with the children as DIY on theday of babysitting is also fun!

How to get along with child especially for the first meeting if the child doesn’t come close to you:
  • Communication with parents:
    Please don’t forget to do the handover / communicate with the parents at the beginning and end of the session. Please bear in mind that for children, the babysitter is another person. When you have time to talk to the parents,such as when you take over, your child feels reassured by thinking of the sitter as a friend.
  • Getting the child’s attention – play the child’s favorite game by yourself up to 10 minute:
    Sometimes even if you suggest to your child “Let’s do it!”, if the child is not interested, he or she will not play. If the child doesn’t like to play with you, show them their favorite play alone. If it’s a play that interests them, the child might come up with “what are you doing?” etc. However, prior to doing that you should confirm with the parents what the child likes in advance, and do not do play alone for a long time. (From the parents’ perspective, if you play by yourself too long it might look like you don’t care about the kid.)

How to solve sibling fighting:

  • Treat the children fairly (fair treatment isn’t necessarily the same treatment thinking of age difference)
  • Try to give them an equal amount of attention (some fights are caused by lack of attention)
  • If they are fighting over toys, try to get them to play with different toys together
  • Give them a “problem” to solve together

How to deal with Tantrum:

Tantrum is unavoidable for 2-3 years old children and one of learning process for children how to overcome his/her feeling.

  • Stay yourself calm at first!
  • Try to distract with toys and do anything unexpected for him/her (e.g. pointing out any object outside, singing and dancing). If it doesn’t work, wait a few minutes to let him/her calm down by him/herself because it is a learning process.
  • Keep the child safe because he/she might throw something and it hurts.

Play with Boy or Girl:

  • Boys usually like active games, like
    ・Role play of superhero, pirates
    ・Catch bugs
    ・Play with blocks, cars and trains
  • Girls usually like cute stuff, like
    ・Role play of princess, doctor, family
    ・Dress up as a princess
    ・Play with dolls

Review together what you played with the child, while writing the report: 2018/12/25

  • While you are writing a report, it is good if you review orally with the child what you learned or played together. This way is that you can keep an eye on them and easier for you as well to write what you did during the session.

First Approach to children: 2018/12/25

  • Especially for the first session with the family, this approach can be a good impression, and makes the child happy if you draw something small for them. You may draw something like Anpanman for boys and draw a ring etc. for the little girl’s hand trace. Something which can make them happy.

Let children teach you!: 2018/11/27

  • We have received the following feedback from one of our staff. She let the child conduct a teacher as a role-play where the little boy becomes the teacher and conducts a lesson.
    It is a great opportunity to learn something, which the child has a great interest in, and enjoy communication in English at the same time.

Odd One Out : 2018/10/26

  • It is a simple and great game to teach colors, shapes etc. You can list some blocks next to each other with the same shape or color, with one of a different color, for example. Then request the child to sort out the “Odd One Out”.  You can play this game with flashcards or animal figures as well, it is a simple and great way to teach or practice a new vocabulary and challenge the child skills while having fun.

Craft animals —> without origami skills! : 2018/09/26

  • Children love to create something unique, something related to their interests. Also you may find some drawing sheets or origami paper at any household which you can use and make your own designed animals. It’s a good opportunity to teach the colors and practice the parts of body while for example you two are making the child’s very own pink elephant!

Make Flashcards Together : 2018/08/23

  • Drawing and coloring together is always fun and good opportunity to teach new words for children. You can combine the drawing with a small challenge. After completing several kinds of pictures, such as “turtle, bear, car” etc. mix the cards and ask the child to find and collect the same object in the room as it is in the card.
    If the child has already some flashcards at home, after practicing with them you can start the challenge, it helps the child to remember the word while searching for it.

Birthday Party : 2018/07/26

  • Children love to celebrate and enjoy being celebrated, so we recommend to check the child’s birth month from the client information, and if you happen to have a session during that time, you can make some crafts or drawings together. For example: if the child you take care loves robots, will be surely delighted if you draw together a special Birthday robot card!

Treasure Hunt: 2018/06/25

  • Make a list of toys or things, which the child has to find and collect. Children likes some challenges and treasure hunt could be a good opportunity to let them look for things on a list also you can combine it with tidying up the room. (If the child cannot read it yet, you can draw the item easily.) It could be also a great way to let them learn the name of the things in English, for example if the child has a lot of animals you could let him/her look for each while repeating the names together.

Origami, Paper planes etc.: 2018/05/25

  • If you would like to have a break or the child seems tired it is always good to make some easy origamis together. Most of the children have some origami or any other kind of paper which you could use and play with them. This way you can also teach some new words such as: airplanes, strawberry etc. You can come up with any kind of new games with the created origamis!
    For your reference: Click HERE!!

PHYSICAL CONTACT – good chance to get along with the children: 2018/04/23

  • It is a good idea to wash hands together with child or hold their hand when going outside (which is a mandatory!) or try to maintain such a simple physical contact, which can give a better chance, and help to maintain a good relationship with them.

GAME OF THE MONTH: Hot and Cold 2018/04/23

  • Especially for the children who just know a few words in English, it is a game to hide in the room their favorite plushie or toy and let them search for it. (For safety reason do not hide too small objects.) As they get closer to the hidden toy you can say „Now it’s warmer, warmer, now it’s hot!” once they search in the opposite from the toy’s direction it becomes „Cold”. This game can be fun for any age of children, as they enjoy small challenges usually. They cannot only learn „Hot, Warm, Cold” etc. expressions but also they can sharpen their skills and perfect game for indoor!

GAME OF THE MONTH: Play with puppets 2018/03/29

  • Especially for the first visit, or when the child is shy, it is highly recommended to dance and play with their toys as they were puppets. This also helps to distract them if they cry or miss their parents during the session.