Why Japanese Mothers Should Use Babysitting Service

Hiring a babysitter/nanny to look after a child is not common in Japan while it is a more common practice in the Western world. When three generations lived together in a house, it used to be somewhat easier to take of home and kids at the same time with a grandmother.
However, things have changed. In Japan today, raising a child is becoming an increasing more difficult job. Here are three reasons why Japanese mothers should make use of babysitting service to reduce their burden.
  1. There are many more working mothers now.
  2. Young families live far away from their parents.
  3. Interactions with people outside of family let children develop various viewpoints and interpersonal skills.
English-speaking babysitting service will let Japanese mothers receive childcare support without feeling guilty. It does not only support mothers, but also help children learn English and know the world outside of Japan.
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