Interviewing a Babysitter -File 8-

My thoughts on doing an English part time job in Tokyo

My experience with babysitting in Japan and Little Hug!
I have already been to Japan several times, so I was quite accustomed to the cultural differences between Japan and Germany. 
Because I taught Wing Chun (Kung Fu) to children in Germany, I wanted to work with children in other countries, too. To grow in my way of teaching and thinking.
While babysitting, children can teach and show you so many things which adults forget while growing up. Each babysitting session was a new and fun experience. As a babysitter in Little Hug, you do not only help the children to learn a new language but also learn so much yourself too!
You will feel so much joy while seeing the smiling and laughing faces of the children. I could never ask for more. I’m very thankful that I could share my knowledge with the children and be a part of their childhood. Working with Little Hug was always great! And I can’t recommend working with them enough!

Message written by a German babysitter, who worked with Little Hug since September 2017. She showed much creativity in executing her work. Thank you very much for assisting us!