Interviewing a Babysitter -File 7-

My thoughts on doing an English part time job in Tokyo

Culture Differences between Japan and Britain
Working as a babysitter for Little Hug was a very rewarding experience. The children made me feel like I’d never grown up on several occasions. Crafting was my favorite activity to do. It allowed the children to be expressive and create their own ideas. One thing which stood out for me the most was the difference in Japanese and English culture. It took me many months to adjust and I feel the same now I’ve returned back home. The childcare in Japanese families was very different compared with the British. Unlike the English, Japanese family eats every well. Most meals are home cooked and prepared. Us lazy British don’t really do this and as a result, many children are obese due to a quick fix slap together meal. Many Japanese mothers would be surprised if I mention that in England, a lot of the baby food is pre-made in jars. It doesn’t encourage healthy eating in my eyes. 
Something else I noticed which I thoroughly was brilliant was the children’s independence in Japan. Seeing children aged 8+ walking to school alone was a shock for me. Unfortunately, England as a county isn’t really that safe. Many parents will accompany their children to school until they are 12 years of age. I was also shocked to see many parents will leave their children home alone at quite a young age. In England this is actually illegal. I also felt that despite the trust parents may have on their child, perhaps they are still at quite a vulnerable age. Even as an adult now I’m very clumsy and I’m always burning myself or tripping up the stairs. Something could potentially go wrong as the children are exposed to many hazards, especially in the kitchen. This is where Little Hug steps in. We ensure the children are happy, looked after and safe at all times. I noticed a lot of children cook at quite a young age which is great! The hazards are still there. With adult supervision, the risk of the child harming him or herself are lowered dramatically. 
I can honestly say working for Little Hug was one of the best things I have ever done and I can’t recommend this company enough!

Message written by a British babysitter, who worked with Little Hug since January 2017. She had a lot of ideas to entertain children. Thank you very much for supporting us!