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My Time with the Little Hug Family

I spent one and half year in Japan during one of the most difficult times in the last few years. The time, when COVID-19 spreads around the world. Thanks for working with Little Hug and taking care of kids, I was able to keep my spirit up and I had a feeling that I was needed. Kids are always full of energy; they need our attention and they are expecting us to take care of them with the full mind and body. The opportunity to be with Japanese kids and their families helped me to understand a little bit more about different culture, daily life and point of view about various situations. Before coming to Japan, I had communicated only with kids from my former country, so I was a little bit nervous about working with foreign kids. I heard various opinions about raising children here, so I was worried that maybe I won’t be fit with a babysitter. However, clients of Little Hug expect the same for their kids like parents from the rest of the world, kindness, devotion and sincere enthusiasm. I like kids and I like to be a part of their growth, and I don’t think only watching is enough, playing and spending time together, stories with a cup of cocoa, everything shapes the personality. With “my” kids, like I started to call them after some time, I had that everything. I knew that my work wasn’t pointless, that I am part of an important stage for somebody, a stage of adolescence.

I am grateful for all the time because having the next generation around you, you will never feel lonely.


Message written by a Polish babysitter, who worked with Little Hug in 2020. She provided a great childcare in Tokyo area. Thank you very much for supporting us!

Interviewing a Babysitter