Interviewing a Babysitter -File 12-

How I found a job and spent time in Japan

What was the difficult point for finding jobs?

When I came to Japan, I was really new here and I could not speak Japanese at all. I think that it made me seem rather useless to many employers. I applied for various kinds of jobs, two weeks after coming to Tokyo in October 2018, such as teaching jobs, cleaning jobs, restaurant jobs, pretty much everything. In the beginning, I took the only cleaning jobs that were offered to me without thinking for long. Afterwards I kind of regretted it because my employer back then treated us badly (paying less than minimum wage, only the foreign workers).

Why did you select a babysitting job?

While I was still working for my former employer, I already started looking for different jobs as I was unhappy at that previous company. After going through hundreds of advertisements, I then saw it: An advertisement from a babysitting company, which seemed serious and reliable. I started becoming interested because I had not been thinking about babysitting at that point. Then I researched more about the said company, Little Hug, and was impressed about how well-organized and friendly it seemed. It fit perfectly to me, as I had grown up in a big family with many younger cousins. I loved taking care of children, so I decided to apply.

What did you gain from the babysitting job?

Babysitting in Japan really enriched my life. I came to Japan with the intention of learning more about the culture and how people live here. While I was taking care of the children and bonded with various families, I was able to get some first-hand experience. For me personally, it also helped me to organize my own schedule better. But the most important things I gained are the memories. I will hopefully never forget all the happy times with the children. Watching them learn and grow was a wonderful feeling.


Message written by a German babysitter, who worked with Little Hug in 2019. She provided a great childcare in Tokyo. Thank you very much for assisting us!

Interviewing a Babysitter -File 12- Sara