Interviewing a Babysitter –File 2-

My thoughts on doing an English part time job in Tokyo

What is the best moment through babysitting?
I have to admit this is by far one of the most honoring jobs out there. The reason is because you can get the chance to get to know with someone that is still very young, and we all know that children are just so pure. For me that is the best moment. Getting close and getting to know different personalities, because it does inspire me in some ways. 
What do you consider most important in babysitting?
For me, one of the most important keys to babysitting is just to be yourself. Show the children who you are. Be honest with them. Be gentle with them. If you are honest and sincere with the children, they will surely bond with you even better. 

Message written by an Indonesian babysitter, who has been working with Little Hug since September 2016. She is bright and gentle, and knows how to attract children. Thank you very much for babysitting children with much fun!