Interviewing a Babysitter -File 4-

My thoughts on doing an English part time job in Tokyo

Why Did You Choose This for Your Career?
My mother, who works with children with a wide range of ages, used to tell me the following:
“You can learn the most from children.” 
I think, in the 21st century, it is truly important for a child to speak at least one foreign language, not only for his/her own future career, but also to be able to discover our world fully. 
Since childhood, I have been really interested in the Japanese culture. I moved to Japan because I do believe the best way to experience and learn about culture and custom is from the people of the nation. 
When I decided to work here, I wanted to have a job where I can learn and also give back something to this amazing country. 
Every time I play with a child in English, both of us learn something new. During the time we spend together, the child enjoys speaking another language and learns something, which he or she might have not seen before.  
As we spent time together, I also realized how much they also like to teach us. For example, thanks to one little boy, I learned a lot about kabuki culture. 
I do believe children are our future and I would like to support growing future as much as possible.
I think life is never-ending learning, so why don’t we make it enjoyable?

Message written by a Hungarian babysitter, who has been working with Little Hug since May 2016. She is kind and considerate, and suggest many fun ways to play. Thank you very much for babysitting children and supporting us!