Interviewing a Babysitter -File 13-

Working as a Babysitter and English Teacher in Osaka

When I first arrived in Osaka I had a lot of difficulty adjusting to the culture while trying to find a job and somewhere to live. I didn’t speak any Japanese at all which made the job hunt very difficult. The only jobs that would accept someone with no Japanese language skills were cleaning jobs which ended up being my first job. This job I lost when COVID-19 hit due to lack of tourism. I was extremely worried after losing this job because I thought cleaning and tourism jobs were the only jobs I had a shot at.

One day I was scrolling a job page on the internet and came across a job advertisement for Little Hug. I’ve always loved kids and babysat many children during my teen years. I didn’t have experience teaching English but I thought teaching a child in their own home would be a more fun and relaxed experience than a classroom setting, so I applied for the job. I was excited at the thought of working for a local family in their home as learning about the day to day lives of the locals is one of the things I love to learn about a country.

Eventually I was assigned to the family of an active little boy who filled my days with adventures, happy moments and challenges which helped me learn just as much as I taught. Working with this family and child has shaped my life for the better and I’ll always treasure the memories I have during my time with them. It was so rewarding to watch him learn, explore the world around him and know had played a small part in shaping the person he will become.

Working for Little Hug was a wonderful experience and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to join the company even though it was only for a short time. A family emergency arose back home and I had to leave Japan earlier than expected. The company was very flexible and understanding towards my situation which I appreciate very much. Thank you, Little Hug, for the opportunity and unforgettable experiences!


Message written by a Canadian babysitter, who worked with Little Hug in 2020. She provided a great childcare in Osaka. Thank you very much for supporting us!

Interviewing a Babysitter -File 13- Danielle