Interviewing a Babysitter -File 11-

My thoughts on doing an English part time job in Tokyo

Why did you work as a babysitter in Japan

This was the first time I lived outside of my country, Indonesia, so everything was very new for me, and not knowing the language doesn’t make it easier.

I knew from the start that I wanted to have a part time job, but it’s a bit hard because I have no basic Japanese skill to begin with. To my dismay, I found an offer that does not require any, but my childcare experiences for babysitting. Furthermore, it involves working with kids!

Working with kids has always made me happy and fulfilling. Being a non-formal art and English teacher in the past years was one of the best experiences that I will always cherish, therefore, I jumped at the opportunity straight away.

Still learning the basic Japanese has its own struggle here and there, but continuously communicating with the children and the family helped me a lot. Not only that I kept learning new words, but I also kept encouraged to learn more, so I could understand the children better.

I would like to think that learning something always goes well in both ways when working with kids. And that is why working with Little Hug Company has been one of the highlights of my stay in Japan.


Message written by a Indonesian babysitter, who worked with Little Hug in 2018. She provided a kind and delicate childcare in Tokyo. Thank you very much for assisting us!