Working as a Babysitter in Japan

Looking for a part-time position in Tokyo area? If you LOVE children and hold a valid visa to work in Japan, such as spouse, dependent, student or working holiday visa, you may want to consider working as a babysitter/nanny in Japan. What is so good about it? Here are 5 different benefits you would receive doing babysitting work in Japan!

  1. Work on your free time
    If you have classes or other part-time jobs, we can give you work getting around those hours.
  2. One-on-one childcare
    Working in a nursery, you would not be able to watch over particular kids all the time. On the other hand, as a babysitter, you can develop close relationships with the kids you take care of.
  3. Get to know Japanese families
    You are staying in Japan probably because you love Japanese people and culture. Working as a babysitter will help you develop close relationships with Japanese families and may let you feel “true” Japan and Japanese culture.
  4. Your childcare experience will be an asset
    If you have any experience in childcare, no matter it is bringing up your own children or taking care of kids of your neighbor, it will be an asset for you to conduct babysitting work.
  5. Rewarding and fulfilling
    Lastly and most importantly, babysitting is a rewarding and fulfilling job. You create a safe and comfortable environment for children to grow up. They are our future.

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